Our coffee comes from Wide Open Road – a café in Brunswick who roast their own unique blend called ‘Bathysphere’.  We use the beans while they’re at their peak, between 6-14 days after roasting, and optimise the grind throughout the day to allow for changing conditions that affect the espresso shot. 

Over the years the building has functioned as a house, milk bar, hairdressers, bookshop, and now coffee bar/foodstore/bookshop.

The fit-out was designed and built by architect Michael using recycled and scavenged timber and furnishings.  The little window next to the coffee machine is made of toughened glass from a tabletop, some well seasoned timber planks and hardwood garden stakes.  The main benchtop timber was rescued from a demolition site before it ended up at the tip.  The dark strips of hardwood on the wall and joinery are of mixed species and came as 1.2m wide panels, probably originally used as demountable flooring in an old farm shed.  The wide cedar boards on the feature wall and bench front were described by the seller as “really old timber that was kept in a shed by some old dude for a really long time”.   We believe it!